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Drivers Ed


A new driver must take the 36 hours of Driver Education Program and pass accompanying tests to be eligible to apply for Provision Licenses in Maryland.

The course includes:

  • Understanding the GLS
  • Important statistical information
  • Any new laws or changes in the laws
  • Vehicle information
  • Traffic control devices and roadway signs
  • Basic vehicle maneuvering
  • Pavement markings
  • Knowledge of evaluating risk
  • Rules for following distance
  • Dangers of distracted driving
  • Expressway driving
  • Hazardous driving conditions (fog, snow, rain, glare, etc.)
  • Alcohol and the dangers it creates for driversand much more

In addition to passing the Driver Education Program, a new driver under 25 will have to practice an additional 60 hours documented in Skill log book to be eligible to test for the Provisional License. 10 of the 60 hours bust driven at night. A new driver 25 or more are required to log 14 hours in the Skill Log Book to be eligible for Provisional License. 3 of the 14 hours must driving at night..